Listing of books authored by Parker G. Emerson.


TRAVELS WITH SPOT: Paris to Zürich
The first in a series of Travels with Spot adventures. Part travelogue and part personal reflections, Paris to Zürich takes the reader along as a traveling companion on a Viking River Cruise "Paris to the Swiss Alps" in Spring, 2019. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the sights, cities, and serenity of the trip. More adventures will be coming.

Available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers as paperback (ISBN 979-8-8960-815-8) or e-book.

The Public Administrator's Companion: A Practical Guide  (Second edition)
Sandra Emerson, Kathy Van Ness, Georgianna Streeter, Linda-Marie Sundstrom, & Parker G. Emerson

ISBN 978-1-4786-4950-2

Available from Amazon and Waveland Press.

The second edition of The Public Administrator's Companion: A Practical Guide examines the most important elements of public administration in practice. Useful for both students and practitioners of public administration, the authors provide readers with a keen understanding of how government actually works.  The book discusses governmental structure, human resources, and public funding. It delineates administrators' actions in strategic planning, consensus-building, budget development, performance measurement, and public policy assessment and implementation.

This edition includes new chapters on nonprofit organizations and leadership for administrators, as well as an appendix about preparing and making presentations. The previous edition's appendix on getting a job in local government has been revised to include interviewing and hiring from the perspectives of both the agency and the applicant. Real-world examples and cases from the local, state, and federal level reinforce key topics. Each chapter ends with a "Practicing Public Administration" section that provides helpful exercises for building the skills described in the chapter, and also a chapter-specific bibliography of useful source materials to broaden the reader's comprehension of the chapter.

Instructors who use this text in their course have access to not-for-sale resource materials including:
  • Instructor Guide with answers to all questions in the text
  • Sample multiple-choice quiz questions
  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter which includes major points and all tables and figures

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